Community (SIG) Events

Date Title Author Community (SIG)
09/05/2019 Bitmap Indexes: When to use them, how to make sure they're helping, and how they work in SQL Joseph Hutchins BI
09/05/2019 Oracle 12c, 18c, Now 19c! OH MY! What are the Changes? Janis Griffin DBA, BI, Applications
02/14/2019 Pattern Matching in SQL Michelle Hardwick BI
02/23/2017 Oracle Regex/REGEXP functions (Video) Chris Hepworth, Daren Beattie, Stan Page Development
02/23/2017 Oracle Support for Regex Bill Coulam Development
08/04/2016 Oracle REST Data Services Peter Douglas Development
12/03/2015 Calling Web Services from PL/SQL Andrew Logan Development
11/11/2015 APEX - Tips and Tricks! Glen Plaizier, Jon Whitney, Doyle Olschewski APEX
06/25/2015 Regular Expressions – A Deep Dive Alex Michael Development
05/21/2013 Indexing Strategies Steve Catmull DBA
04/13/2013 Calling Web Services from Oracle : (Sample Code) Raymond Jones Development
11/08/2012 Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler Emerson Borsato Development
10/20/2012 OpenWorld 2012 Report Oracle Database 12c Features : (Audio) Steve Geary DBA
05/02/2012 SQL Performance for DBAs Steve Catmull DBA
11/11/2011 Grid Control 11g agent Install and OEM tuning Craig McKay DBA
07/13/2011 Metadata Matters Robert Freeman BI
06/17/2011 Oracle Database Trouble Shooting Lynn Conrad DBA
02/23/2011 Oracle Performance Repository - An overview of AWR, ASH and ADDM Scott Black DBA
04/22/2010 APEX, The Spreadsheet Killer Todd Arave APEX
12/10/2009 Oracle's Reporting Strategy Idhasoft Applications
07/16/2009 Restartable ETL using a load tracking table and PL/SQL Nick Johnson BI
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