Training Days 2019

Title Author Track(s)
Lessons Learned in the Move to the Cloud (N.A.) Sam Clark, William Hardie, Charles Kim Keynote
APEX New Features David Peake APEX
20+ declarative APEX settings you didn't know (or forgot) existed Jeff Eberhard APEX
Interactive Grid API Essentials: The Stuff You'll Really Use Karen Cannell APEX
APEX Security Checklist Scott Spendolini APEX
At Your Service: Web Services & APEX Scott Spendolini APEX
Stay Out of APEX Debt Scott Spendolini APEX
So... now what? Alex Gibbs Beginner
ODOHO - It's all about the nomenclature Brandon Webb Beginner
Who Moved My Cheese?: Where Do I Find The Best Oracle Development Tool? Peter Koletzke Beginner
SQL for exploratory data analysis Rochelle Smits-Seemann Beginner
Working with Oracle Regular Expressions Scott Heffron Beginner
Ignore the recipe (Aggregation) Alex Gibbs BI & DW
Building a Lean Analytics Culture Justin Ball BI & DW
Machine Learning Demystified Michelle Hardwick BI & DW
Architecting Multiple ETL processes to load fact and dimension Scott Heffron BI & DW
Uses for Advanced SQL Functions Susan Schaefer BI & DW
Analytic Views for Mortals: BI-Like Results for Everyone Karen Cannell BI & DW, Development
Autonomous Database Diagnostics Through Applied Machine Learning Bryan Vongray, William Burton DBA
Bullet Proof Your Data Guard with Best Practices Charles Kim DBA
Get Ready For Brain OverLoad with Oracle Database 12.2 and 18c Features Charles Kim DBA
Squeeze the Last Ounce Out Of Your Linux Server Charles Kim DBA
How To Analyze SQL Run Times By Plan Using ASH Data Craig Shallahamer DBA
How To Do Impossible "Log File Sync" Performance Analysis With ASH Data Craig Shallahamer DBA
How To Use An AWR/Statspack Report To Tune Oracle Systems Craig Shallahamer DBA
How to create massively scalable database applications (N.A.) Douglas Hood DBA
Persistent Memory - The future of Databases (N.A.) Douglas Hood DBA
Don't move to the cloud just yet Jorge Barba DBA
Dealing with the Optimizer Complexity Liron Amitzi DBA
Real Life SQL Tuning From 4 Minutes to 8 Seconds in an Hour Liron Amitzi DBA
Securing Your Oracle Database to Protect your Data Michael Messina DBA
How to Keep Your Database Running Using Oracle's Tool -- Automatic Diagnostic Repository Michael Nelson DBA
Set and Forget... An Overview of an Autonomous Database Sean Stacey DBA
Oracle Database: What's New and Coming Next William Hardie DBA
The Evolving Role of the DBA (N.A.) William Hardie DBA
Blockchain: A Primer Robert Lockard DBA, Development
Holistic Database Security Robert Lockard DBA, Development
Voyage to Visual Builder Cloud Service Karen Cannell Development
Cryptic Queries Alex Gibbs Development
Devops Tools for Database Developers Blaine Carter Development
Bluetooth Beacon Tracking on a Budget (N.A.) Blaine Carter Development
Creating REST APIs is Fast, Easy and Secure with Oracle REST Data Services Blaine Carter Development
An Introduction to Oracle TimesTen Scaleout - The World's Fastest OLTP Database Douglas Hood Development
Data Modeling and SQL 101 Jorge Barba Development
10 things you should know about Oracle and Kubernetes Michel Schildmeijer Development
Support Your DevOps Process With a Free Oracle Cloud Tool Peter Koletzke Development
You CAN Judge a Book by Its Cover: Modernize Your User Interface with Mobile Design Principles Peter Koletzke Development
PL/SQL Secure Coding practices Robert Lockard Development
Power of Three - Docker, Python and a Relational Database Sumeet Kabra Development
MySQL 8 New Features, Updates and Changes Michael Messina MySQL
MySQL Database Security Michael Messina MySQL
MySQL High Availability Michael Messina MySQL
It's NOT About The Cookie - Interview Hacks for IT Pros Jeff Baird Professional Development
Learn it, Live it, Share it -- How to Increase Your Skills and become an Expert Michael Nelson Professional Development
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