Training Days 2018

Title Author Track
Oracle Database 18c and the Autonomous Database Maria Colgan ALL
The Red Button: APEX Desktop Applications Jeff Eberhard APEX
Secure RESTful Services Scott Spendolini APEX
Hacking Oracle APEX Scott Spendolini APEX
Exploring APEX 5.1's Interactive Grid and Other New Features John King APEX
How to Load Data Let me Count the Ways ... Revisited Karen Cannell APEX
APEX 18.1 New Features Scott Spendolini APEX
Going to the Grid: Interactive Grid Essentials Karen Cannell APEX
Going to the Grid: Tabular Forms Edition Karen Cannell APEX
The E-Business Suite R12.2.7 Upgrade Workshop for Managers, DBAs and Developers Mike Swing Applications/Hyperion
How we used microservices to modernize our Legacy Oracle Forms/EBS systems Alex Gorbatovsky, Mia Urman
Accelerating SDLC for EBS Using Data Virtualization Tim Gorman Applications/Hyperion
Achieving World Class Financial Transformation Seth Landau BI
Leveraging Advanced SQL for Analytics Michelle Kolbe BI
Who are these people? Analyzing Collaborate Attendee Data with Advanced Analytics Michelle Kolbe BI
Incorporating Mobile into your Reporting Alex Ladd BI
Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Daniel Liu BI
Adding Predictive Modelling to your Forecast Process Alex Ladd BI
The Growing Mobile Workforce: How CFOs can Leverage Data and Technology to Tackle New Business John Liette BI
Oracle Database 12.2 Application Containers Daniel Morgan DBA
Leveraging Partitioned External Tables: Primer and Practical Examples Jim Czuprynski DBA
One Ring to Rule Them All: Consolidating Messaging into Slack Sean Scott DBA
What's New in Oracle Database 18c Maria Colgan DBA
How to Keep Your Database Running Using Oracle's Tool - Automatic Diagnostic Repository Michael Nelson DBA
Oracle Optimizer—Best Practices for Managing Optimizer Statistics Maria Colgan DBA
Introducing the Oracle Autonomous Database Sean Stacey DBA
Understanding the Oracle Database Release Model and Patching Maria Colgan DBA
Security for Oracle DBAs and Developers Daniel Morgan DBA
Taking ASH Anaysis To The Next Level - Plan Change and Parsing Detection/Analysis (N.A.) Craig Shallahamer DBA
Oracle Privilege History Dallin Rogers DBA
Deploying an Oracle Database in a Docker Container Sean Stacey DBA
Oracle Database Sizing for the Cloud Jorge Barba DBA
Understanding and Optimizing Oracle Memory Serialization Access (Latches and Mutexes) (N.A.) Craig Shallahamer DBA
Holistic Database Security Robert Lockard DBA
Oracle's Cloud Strategy (N.A.) Daniel Liu DBA
Saving Your Database from Alzheimer's: Analytic Performance Improvements From Oracle 12cR2 Jim Czuprynski DBA
Upgrade, Migrate and Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c/18c (N.A.) Daniel Liu DBA
Tricks and techniques with Oracle User Defined Types Michael McLaughlin Development
Enterprise-grade PL/SQL Development Bill Coulam Development
Dating Games Daniel Stober Development
PL/SQL Secure Coding Practices Robert Lockard Development
Securely Clone To Non-Prod Environments Tim Gorman Development
SQL Developer Tips & Tricks Jeff Smith Development
External Tables -- Ground Zero to Expert Michael McLaughlin Development
Array of Hope Daniel Stober Development
Create RESTful Services using ORDS (Oracle Rest Data Services) John King Development
IoT to the Database: Soldering, ORDS, Oracle Jet, Python and a little PL/SQL Blaine Carter Development
Automate Database Deployment with Python Michael McLaughlin Development
It's All About the BOTS: How Chatbots Will Revive Your Legacy Applications Alex Gorbatovsky Development
Oracle Database 18c New Features for Developers and DBAs John King Development
Beacon Tracking on a Budget Blaine Carter Development
REST APIs for Your Oracle Database with ORDS Jeff Smith Development
Software Defined Everything (SDE) for DBAs and Developers Daniel Morgan Development
Can I Get That as a PDF or Excel File? How SQL Developer's Reports Can Help Susan Schaefer Getting Started
Different Types of Tables and Their Uses Scott Heffron Getting Started
The Cloud is Ready. Are You Cloud Ready? Alex Ladd Getting Started
Blockchain? What is Blockchain? Why do I care? John King Getting Started
Absolute Beginning Docker for the Oracle Professional Sean Scott Getting Started
Beyond High Availability, Replication's Changing Role Susan Wong Getting Started
Soup to nuts: Writing DML Triggers Michael McLaughlin Getting Started
Swimming Through the FDM to EDMEE Upgrade Andrew Hales Hyperion
The Future of EPM -- Understanding All the Choices: Cloud, On Premise Other Technologies Alex Ladd Hyperion
EPM Cloud and On-Prem Hybrid Solutions Andrew Hales Hyperion
Ten Steps to Zen with Oracle's Account Reconciliation Manager (ARM) Seth Landau Hyperion
Nonverbal Ninja Tricks To Get Your Way On A Project Jeffrey Baird Professional Development
Be a Better <fill-in-the-blank> Karen Cannell Professional Development
Learn, Act, and Share -- How to Increase Your Skills and Become an Expert Michael Nelson Professional Development
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