Training Days 2017

Title Author(s) Track
Innovation, the Oracle Cloud, Big Data, and the Internet of Things Rich Niemiec Keynote
Data Visualization in Oracle Application Express 5.1 (N.A.) David Peake APEX
Oracle Application Express 5.1 Interactive Grids (N.A.) David Peake APEX
Oracle Application Express 5.1 New Features (N.A.) David Peake APEX
APEX: Intro to Dynamic Actions Jeff Eberhard APEX
Deliver a Knockout with Your APEX Applications Jorge Rimblas APEX
GET POST ORDS JSON: Web Services for APEX Decoded Scott Spendolini APEX
jQuery & APEX Primer Scott Spendolini APEX
Secure Your APEX Applications with APEX-SERT Scott Spendolini APEX
How to Create Your First E-Business Suite Instance in the Oracle Cloud? Dimas Chbane Apps
Five Signs You Are Ready For Digital Transformation Mia Urman Apps
Pick A Winner! In What Language Should I Develop My Next App? Mia Urman Apps
R12.2 ADOP and Customizations Mike Swing Apps
Real World Analytic Functions David Godfrey BI & DW
Building a Lean Analytics Culture Justin Ball BI & DW
Exadata Data Warehouse Optimizations 101 Kasey Parker BI & DW
Demystifying Data Warehousing as a Service: Top 10 Cool Features in Snowflake Kent Graziano BI & DW
Oracle Data Integrator 12c: Getting Started Michael Rainey BI & DW
In-Memory is Your Data Warehouse's New BFF : (Demo) Michelle Kolbe BI & DW
Why Tableau When You Can Data Visualize? Michelle Kolbe BI & DW
Save the Company by Modeling Data Right Bill Coulam DBA
Squeeze the Last Ounce Out of Your Linux Server Charles Kim DBA
Implementing Oracle Database Cloud Services (N.A.) Daniel Liu DBA
Implementing Oracle Database In-Memory Option (N.A.) Daniel Liu DBA
Upgrade, Migrate, and Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c Daniel Liu DBA
Bare Metal Cloud Computing Daniel Morgan DBA
Misconfigured by Default: Installing the Oracle Database for Expert Oracle DBAs Daniel Morgan DBA
How to Perform a Database Health Check Before Going to the Cloud Dimas Chbane DBA
The THINGS are Here! Using Oracle IoT Cloud Service John King DBA
Oracle Database Sizing for the Cloud (Sizing a one single-instance Oracle database CPU footprint from ASH data) Jorge Barba DBA
Tips and Tricks to Effectively Use the Oracle 12c Database Operation Monitor Kasey Parker DBA
Virtualization 101 and Q&A Kellyn Pot'vin-Gorman DBA
Backup to the Cloud and Beyond Nitin Vengurlekar & Charles Kim
What to Expect When You Are Expecting to Virtualize Nitin Vengurlekar DBA
Creating Your First Database to Access with Oracle's DBaaS (DataBase as a Service) Rich Niemiec DBA
The Best Oracle Database 12c R1 and R2 New Features Rich Niemiec DBA
Transforming Data Management with Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (N.A.) William Hardie DBA
What's New in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (N.A.) William Hardie DBA
Moving to the Cloud? Here Are Some Things to Know First Andrew Jorgensen Development
Leveraging Open Source for Database Development: Database Version Control with Liquibase Blaine Carter Development
Build Mobile Cloud Apps Effectively Using Oracle Mobile Cloud Services (MCS) John King Development
DBaaS: Taking Advantage of Oracle Cloud Database John King Development
JavaScript and CSS for PL/SQL Developers Jorge Rimblas Development
Reverse Engineering an Existing Database Using Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler Kent Graziano Development
Python Scripting with the Oracle Database Michael McLaughlin Development
Step-by-Step to Mastering the PL/SQL Elements Michael McLaughlin Development
Java 101: PL/SQL Developers Take Heart : (White Paper) Peter Koletzke Development
Lock It Down: PL/SQL Security Features for Code Assertion, VPD, and Encryption Peter Koletzke Development
Version Control for PL/SQL Yalim Gerger Development

Deep Dives 2017

Title Author(s) Track
APEX Security Deep Dive Scott Spendolini APEX
12c New Features for Developers John King Development
Trace File Analyzer (TFA) Deep Dive Sean Scott DBA
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