Training Days 2015

Title Author Track
Optimizing Your Data Visualizations Michael Thurston BI
You Can't Move Forward Unless You’re Able to Rollback Michael Black Other
How to Find and Fix Your (APEX, Java, SQL, PL/SQL, .NET, OBIEE, etc.) Application Performance Problem Cary Millsap Other
Oceans, Islands, and Rivers: The Mistake Everyone Always Makes with Trace Files Cary Millsap Other
Integrate the Latest HTML Frameworks with APEX Noel Portugal APEX
UX Wearables at Work Noel Portugal Applications
Effectively Using the Oracle Database In-Memory Option Sean Stacey DBA
Best Practices in Migrating Applications to an Oracle Multitenant Database Sean Stacey DBA
Creative 12c Redo Maneuvers Craig Shallahamer DBA
Optimizing Oracle Memory Serialization Control (Latches and Mutexes) Craig Shallahamer DBA
Transitioning from APEX 4 to 5: Time for a Huge Monitor Scott Spendolini APEX
What’s Hiding in the APEX Packaged Applications Scott Spendolini APEX
SQL Oddities Daniel Stober BI
APEX Security: Hacks and Remedies Todd Arave APEX
OBIEE Front-End Customizations : (White Paper) Justin Ball BI
Sorting Through Data Layer Choices: ORMs, Services, and PL/SQL Bill Coulam Development
APEX Application Upgrades: Out with the Old, In with the New Jeff Eberhard APEX
Hadoop for Modern Data Warehouse and BI Alex Gorbachev BI
Using the Oracle Multitenant Option to Efficiently Manage Development and Test Databases Alex Gorbachev DBA
Advanced ASH Analytics: ASH Masters Kyle Hailey DBA
Virtualizing Data: The Instant Database Cloning Revolution Kyle Hailey DBA
Data Warehouse Optimization Without SQL Tuning Brandon Hawkes BI
ADF On Ramp: What You Need to Know to Use ADF : (White Paper) Peter Koletzke Development
Introduction to Java: PL/SQL Developers Take Heart: (White Paper) Peter Koletzke Development
The End of the Beginning: Deploying Applications to WebLogic Server Using JDeveloper and WLS Console : (White Paper) Peter Koletzke Development
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