Training Days 2012

Title Author Track(s)
Using Collections, PL/SQL, and Java Michael McLaughlin APEX
Oracle Application Express New Features David Peake APEX
Building Mobile Applications with Oracle Application Express David Peake APEX
Introduction to Oracle Application Express David Peake APEX
Demonstration of Data Warehousing Capabilities Norman Stevens BI
Securing Oracle Business Intelligence Bryan Wise BI
Transportable Tablespace/Database - Using DataPump to do magic Casey Bowden DBA
GIGO Optimizer Patterns: Performance Pitfalls & Solutions Steve Catmull DBA
Demystifying Oracle Database Virtualization Charles Kim DBA
Oracle In-Memory Database Cache Overview Simon Law DBA
High-Performance SQL Applications Using In-Memory Database Technology Simon Law DBA
A Framework for Managing Imports through External Tables Michael McLaughlin DBA
Oracle Database Cloud Service David Peake DBA
VirtualBox - How to setup and benefit from virtualization Seth Russell DBA
Shell Scripting Craftsmanship Ray Smith DBA
Making OEM Sing and Dance with EMCLI Ray Smith DBA
The Big Picture of the R12.1.3 Upgrade Mike Swing DBA
Super EZ Oracle Data Migration Sam Weber DBA
Learn how to become a Java Certified Developer Ryan Allen Development
oldSQL, noSQL and newSQL - huh? Mike Bowers Development
Dynamic Debugging and Instrumentation of Production PL/SQL - Pain‐free Auditing, Metrics and Troubleshooting Bill Coulam Development
WebLogic Server Application Security - Implementing the Superstition Peter Koletzke Development
ADF on Ramp: What You Need to Know to use the ADF Technology Stack : (White Paper) Peter Koletzke Development
The Tie That Binds: An Introduction to ADF Bindings Peter Koletzke Development
Introduction to Oracle Webcenter - The User Engagement Platform (White Paper) Noel Portugal Development
JDeveloper and Oracle Self-Service Extensions Daniel Roth Development
Fusion Web and Mobile UIs for E-Business Suite and Other Applications Shay Shmeltzer Development
Is Oracle ADF Simpler than Oracle Forms? Shay Shmeltzer Development
Understanding the Fusion Development Platform Shay Shmeltzer Development
Building Web Data Dashboard Without Coding Shay Shmeltzer Development
Oracle Analytic Functions Windowing Clause Daniel Stober Development
Regular Expressions for Regular People Daniel Stober Development
Six Easy Pieces: Essentials of Database Tuning for Packaged Applications Mike Swing Development
Introduction to 10g/11g PL/SQL Sam Weber Development
MySQL introduction for Oracle DBAs Bruce Hunsaker MySQL

Training Days 2013

Title Author Track(s)
From Zero to 60 with Oracle Application Express (Apex) Bradley Brown APEX
Finding Those Pesky Data Issues Tyler Hawkes BI
How to Use Oracle TimesTen In- Memory Database for Real-Time Business Intelligence Simon Law BI
An Introduction to Dimensional Design and Loading Daniel Lowder BI
Creating a Dashboard of Data at Questar using PeopleSoft/Oracle Tools Scott Mower BI
GIS data presentation using Oracle and Open source tools Jake Payne BI
Real Time Replication of Data Between Databases and its Possibilities Joel Barrow DBA
Compression and Oracle Database Tim Gorman DBA
Hands-on Security Lab 101: Listener Hardening John Harper DBA
Hands-on Security Lab 101: Passwords John Harper DBA
Introducing Oracle External Table features you can use right now! Brent House DBA
Exploring Edition Based Redefinition John King DBA
Oracle Database 12c Preview Daniel Morgan DBA
Integrating ODAs and ZFS To Create An Idea Database Environment Daniel Morgan DBA
Data Dictionary Daniel Stober DBA
The Big Picture of the Release 12.2 Upgrade Mike Swing DBA
Usecase for Oracle Real Application Testing Casey Bowden Development
Leveraging the Cloud and SaaS to Build a Great Business - SaaS Here, SaaS There, SaaS Everywhere Bradley Brown Development
Understanding J2EE and Enterprise Java Beans Roger Jackson Development
Oracle 11gR2 New Features for Developers: What You Need to Know John King Development
Just Get it Written: Deploying Applications to WebLogic Server Using JDeveloper and WLS Console Peter Koletzke Development
Introduction to Java- PL/SQL Developers Take Heart : (White Paper) Peter Koletzke Development
Writing database triggers Michael McLaughlin Development
Millsap’s Grand Unified Theory of “Tuning” Cary Millsap Development
Performance is a Feature: Here is the Specification Cary Millsap Development
Tuna Helper Proven Process for SQL Tuning Dean Richards Development
Introduction to Oracle ADF - The No Slides Session Shay Shmeltzer Development
Developing iOS and Android Mobile Applications with Oracle ADF Shay Shmeltzer Development
Implementing PHP/MySQL Striped Views Michael McLaughlin MySQL
PeopleSoft over Time, Part II Jeff Strain PeopleSoft
PeopleSoft over Time, Part I Jeff Strain PeopleSoft


Title Author Track(s) File Date
Oracle’s Roadmap to a Simple, Modern User Experience Noel Portugal Applications, Development 03/04/2013
SharePlex - architecture for continuous availability Susan Wong Development, DBA 03/08/2013
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